Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, Luke 7:36-50 A sinner forgiven, just like me.

I know a lot of people equate this woman with Mary Magdalene, or a prostitute. The fact though is that we don't know who she is. All that we know is that she's a sinner who found grace and salvation through Jesus. The pharisee was indignant that Jesus a rabbi would allow this sinner to touch him. The parable is interesting, to whom much is forgiven the same will love more. The problem though is that like the pharisee we sometimes forget just how bad we've been and for how much we've been forgiven. Our society puts levels on sin and misbehavior but God looks at all sin the same. The penalty is death. Think about that, the cost for your sin is death but Jesus says that you can live. When we get that we understand the tears and the action of this repentant sinner.

Today's workout, Cardio intervals
Step, squat, windmill, jump rope, climber

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