Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 23, Luke 8:1-8 Where are you growing?

Actually looking at two things today, the first being that as Jesus and His followers went from place to place the people in each location provided for them. This probably wasn't a small group, we know at least 13 and possibly in excess of 30. Granted that whatever is brought Jesus could and may have multiplied it but still there's a level of faith that I've never reached. I once met a missionary who when he first left for the field was broke. (At least that was his story). He served more than 10 years when we met and was going back, certain that God both called and would provide. 

The second part is the parable of the sower, if you've been in church for more than a few years chances are you're familiar with the story but let's take a different look. Imagine sowing seeds in a meadow, the seeds in the middle where there aren't a lot of trees or competing flowers will flourish with little difficulty. The seeds on the edges will fight for sunlight with weeds and trees. I think some of us are like that, some start out in the middle of the meadow and experience little trials while growing and others, like me, we're planted on the edge, fighting with the briars and trees daily for just enough light  to survive. Like a tree that has to grow around objects I've gotten a bit twisted and gnarly over the years but I'm still growing. I think it'd be nice if He would pick me up by the roots and plant me in the meadow for a while though.

Today's workout, cardio intervals.
High knees, squat, climber, windmill,jump rope, lunge.
15:00 bike ride

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