Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, Luke 9:21-27 Take up your cross. What does that mean?

We associate a cross with the crucifixion and I'm fairly certain that Jesus' disciples also thought similarly yet not exactly the same. We look at it meaning certain death. Taking up one's cross could also mean laboring at a heavy thankless task. The world is no friend to Christ or His followers so those who choose to be His may suffer for their choice. Certainly the first disciples did. The concept of saving one's life or losing it I think speaks of a selfless life. The world and it's systems are based on selfishness and personal glory, Christ is selfless, seeking only to bring glory to God the Father. This needs to be the same attitude for His followers. If I seek personal glory and the fame of this world those things are temporary, but if I seek the things of God and deny self the trials are temporary but the reward is eternal.

Today's workout, back biceps intervals
step, pull up, squat, biceps curl, windmill, row

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