Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29, Luke 9:28-36 On the mountain

We have a bird's eye view of a mountain top, there are four men in our vision. One is kneeling and the others seem to be sleeping. Suddenly there are two more men, both are glowing and the one who was kneeling is standing now and glowing too. The three that were sleeping wake up. One starts jumping around excited, he looks like a running back who just scored his first touchdown. This would be Peter. A cloud covers the mountain and we hear a voice, "This is my Son, listen to Him". when the cloud clears we see only the first four men again and they appear plain.

I've heard many sermons on this text and pretty much all of them focus on Peter wanting to prolong the mountain top experience but I think they're wrong. Consider that Peter as a Jew was taught for his entire life that messiah was coming to liberate Israel. Add to that the prophecy that Elijah would come first. So now we have Jesus who just a week ago confirmed to His disciples that He is Messiah. And here on the mountain is Elijah. The prophecies are fulfilled, Peter gets excited, he wants to build tents not so much to live on the mountain but to be command headquarters. I think Peter was expecting Jesus to wage war on Rome and setting up his command base on this mountain. Now I could be wrong on this but if I put myself in the same position this is what I'd do.

Today's workout. cardio intervals
High knees, climber, windmill, squat, jump rope.

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