Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30, Luke 9:37-42 The disciples can't cast out a demon

I was initially going to lump the last of the chapter together but as I read this section a different idea came to me. The same story is told in Matthew and Mark's gospels, the difference though is that in those books they ask Jesus why they couldn't cast out the demon. Matthew's book suggests their faith wasn't enough and Mark's says this kind requires prayer and or prayer and fasting (depending on the translation). I don't profess to know which is the most correct, I have issues with the idea that someone's faith can control what God does. It then becomes grace plus faith, and there is the danger when things go wrong people can be cruel and say it's because of weak faith. The prospect of prayer with or without fasting I can understand, this boy had been possessed for a long time and there may have been a significant stronghold. But let me add a different angle to this, perhaps it was for the crowd to see Jesus having authority. We must remember that God is sovereign in all things, maybe in this case the boy needed to be released only by Jesus so that God could glorify Himself and The Son in front of a specific crowd. Had a disciple cast out the demon the talk of the town would be about James or John or Matthew, but now the talk is only about Jesus.

Today's workout, chest-shoulders.
Step, push-up, box hop, triceps extension, climber, shoulder press

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