Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4, Luke 2:22-38 Jesus consecrated to God

The Law requires certain things from a new mother and the first born son. A sacrifice for the mother and child, this depended on financial ability. For wealthy it was a lamb, for the poor a pair of doves or pigeons. Jesus, The King, was born into a poor family. He can singularly relate to all classes, the rich, the poor, the kings and the laborer. But it's Simeon and Anna that get our attention. Two devout people seeking God. We're told that God actually revealed to Simeon that he would see the messiah before he died. I wonder how? A dream? An angel? But what's also interesting is the lack of other people noted to be looking for messiah. The time and place of His birth is fairly clear in prophecy. Perhaps we just have the luxury to look back and see these things more clearly but I wonder how many people were truly looking for messiah. How many are truly looking today?

Today's workout. Full body intervals
Squat, row, hamstrings, push up, lunge, biceps curl, T, triceps extension.

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