Saturday, November 5, 2016

November 5, Luke 2:39-52 Jesus is lost in Jerusalem

I've heard people ask how a parent could lose their child for a whole day and not realize it, of course those asking such a question haven't been parents. Jesus is 12, in that culture that's nearly grown. Today at 12 we tend to treat children differently.  When I was 12 I could easily ride my bicycle miles from home, go fishing in the woods and be gone from sun up till late evening with no-one being alarmed. There is genuine concern when it's discovered that Jesus is missing. The discourse in the temple lacks a bit, it reads that Jesus was asking questions, this might imply he is curious, but I think it more along the line as he asks questions as a teacher would, not being curious but questioning the knowledge of the rabbis, who were amazed at His knowledge.

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