Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9, Luke 4:14-30 Jesus' ministry rejected

There's a lot to look at in these verses. Jesus returns from the wilderness victorious over Satan and filled with the spirit. It says that his reputation spread and he taught in the synagouges. I do wonder which came first, the reputation or the teaching? I read a commentary that made me realize that Jesus nor any of His disciples were refused to teach in any synagouge. Compare that to today's churches, the pastoral staff must approve anyone who speaks or teaches, if an unemployed carpenter showed up it's doubtful anyone would listen. 
An interesting contrast to this was a man named Evan Roberts of Wales. Evan went to what would be a bible college or seminary in 1904-05, he was there only a short time and he felt that he needed to go home with a specific message. The local pastor questioned his return and was reluctant to allow Evan to speak, he relented and let him address a small evening group. The message was simple, confess all known sin, remove anything in your life that is a distraction from God, be ready to obey the Holy Spirit, publicy confess Jesus as lord. He preached to growing numbers every eveing for the next two weeks. Revival continued and exploded, I wonder what would happen today if Christians did what Evan preached.

The last item is the section where Jesus speaks about how the prophet went to the Sidonian widow who was a pagan and God blessed her, and how Naaman who was also a pagan was healed, both over Israelites. The message though simple is easily lost, God will bless whoever He chooses, not for their merit or heritage but simply because He chooses. That's what grace is, the religious try to make it a formula, that somehow we can work to deserve blessings from God. 

Today's workout, Chest-shoulder intervals
Step, push-up, box hop, triceps extension, climber, shoulder press

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