Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 10, Luke 12:57-59 Settle out of court

There are at least three distinct aspects to this section, let's look at the modern times. One of the most prolific and profitable industries in the us is attorneys.  We see and hear advertisements for how many millions they've gotten for their clients. But in reality who wins in the court cases? If it's a dispute between two individuals a verdict for the plaintiff could destroy someone's life. Can someone say that they love their neighbor while at the same time going to civil court to take everything they have? What if it's against a large company? Who pays all of these settlements? It gets passed on to the consumer produce prices increase to cover the expense. I was once told by a physician that his greatest expense wasn't the rent or payroll, it was malpractice insurance. And if you're the winner in court you still have to pay the lawyer, in some cases it's 40 to 80 percent. The reality is that neither party really wins in civil court.  Looking at the second aspect. Jesus was not teaching gentiles but Israel. The people of Israel had specific procedures for settling and were not to use civil authority. They were taking cases to Rome instead of in house and this was wrong. And finally looking at a spiritual aspect, while living we have opportunities to settle accounts with God, there's really only one way to do that. But once we're gone to stand before Him there are no excuses, no plea bargains. We will all be judged and found guilty, but the redeemed will find forgiveness.

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