Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 11, Luke 13:1-5 No it's not karma

This philosophy exists in so many religions, it permeates most societies that people are punished for things they do. In one aspect there could be just a bit of truth, our sins set in motion circumstances that will eventually cause troubles. But to look at political or natural disasters as a divine judgment is wrong. The first incident here could be one of several possibilities, there was a time during a feast in Jerusalem that Roman soldiers killed 300 people while at the temple making sacrifices. The second incident deals with a tower that collapsed and killed several people. We could compare the first to perhaps Tiananmen Square, a protest that was met with military force, and the second to any natural disaster. I know people today who believe the second in almost any case of flood, tornado or hurricane, the people deserve it because of sin. It's simply not true, if it were so then we'd all be wiped out because we're all sinners. God looks at all sin the same but we try to make some worse than others, the fact is that we're all guilty. The world is broken and for that reason only some will suffer from natural disasters or political oppression. Verse 5 is a prophecy of what was to come, for political and social reasons, Rome came and destroyed Jerusalem mingling the blood of the people and the sacrifices. 

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