Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, Luke 13:6-17 Religion must always be proper, right!

There are actually two items we look at today, the parable of the fig tree is pretty universally accepted to mean God as the land owner and Israel is the tree. Jesus would be the dresser who pleads for more time. The basic lesson, for Jew or Gentile is that a time will come when God will expect fruit, if there is none then the verdict is death. But it's the second story that's more significant. Jesus heals a woman whos been crippled for 18 years. The priest, like stuffy religious people want things done in a certain way and time. This makes me wonder if she's come to the temple for prayer before. Judging by what the priest says I'd guess yes. The context makes me believe that people come through the week with offerings asking for prayers to be healed. So what actually happens when someone is healed? Could be a financial loss for the priest and the temple. In any case Jesus has disrupted the priest's power structure and those two areas, power and money are usually reasons for strife. 

Today's workout, Back-biceps
Step, pull-up, climber, row, windmill, T

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