Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18, Luke 16:19-31 Does your neighbor know that you love them?

One could read this story and get the idea that the rich are lost and beggars find salvation. That's certainly not true, we all know some wealthy people who understand the gospel and some poor who do not. In this text we could find several lessons, in what do you place your trust is one. But today I look at the message of Christ, especially as we approach Christmas and celebrate the gift of His birth. The rich man in the story never understood the message. Abraham tells him that it was preached through Moses and all of the prophets and it is. But sometimes people just can't understand the message without experiencing it. Someone once said that a person can only express love to the degree that they've received it and likewise can only forgive to that same extent. When one truly understands the gospel, the level of love and forgiveness, it will change them. This man never understood it, he wants God to perform a miracle to warn his brothers. Miracles won't change people, it's the people that we touch every day that we can change, or can change us. If the person that you work next to doesn't know that you love them how can you tell them that God does? Maybe if this rich man had a true friend who loved him more than his wealth his end would be different.

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