Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, Luke 17:1-10 Temptations and lazy workers

Have you ever noticed that when you decide that you'll stop doing something the temptations are greater? Especially when someone decides to make changes in eating, it seems that people around you intentionally bring things to tempt. In some cases that's true and it's a certain kind of evil involved. I wonder how someone can find satisfaction to sabotage someone else's life.  The section from 7-10 is an area I've seen more than once, an employee who does just what's required every day, never pushing to excel and then grumbling when a co-worker gets a raise. Or the person who on occasion has a really good day and expects something extra for that. We contract with our employers for a certain wage for a certain work. If we expect more for a better day are we willing to give back on the days our performance isn't quite there?  Christians should be different, we should strive daily to do the best not for our employer but for our God. 

Today's workout, Back biceps
Step, pull-up, climber, row, windmill, T

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