Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20, Luke 17:11-19 Being cleansed along the way

I heard a sermon on this section about a month ago, I started thinking about it in a different way than in the past. Under The Law a priest could pronounce a person as a leper for a wide variety of issues, pretty much any skin condition could result in that pronouncement. And only a priest could pronounce someone as clean.  These lepers came to Jesus for healing and I note that He never said they were healed, simply to go and show themselves to the priest. So I wonder what were they thinking, to go to a priest while still having signs of leprosy would seem foolish. Did they have faith that they'd be healed when they arrived? Or perhaps they thought the priest could heal them. In any case it was by faith that they went, but along the way they noticed something changing, with each step or perhaps every ten yards they got a bit better. That's what a Christian life should be, we come to Christ as lepers needing to be healed. He doesn't instantly heal us but accepts us as His and we continue along on a newer life path. Along the way if we look at ourselves and our friends we see a difference, with each passing day or week or year we're a little bit better. When we reach the end and stand before The Priest we will be totally healed. 

Today's workout, any cardio 30:00

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