Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21, Luke 17:20-37 When will the lord return?

Every generation wants to know when God will finally say enough and bring this to an end. In the past 30 years or so I believe there have been at least 8 different people who thought they had the date. No-one knows, the things depicted that will precede Christ's coming are simply man doing the things that man does. It's not hard to predict that governments will rise and fall, that people will wage war for any variety of foolish reasons. And that people who once followed God will fall away.  It's a cycle we see repeated so many times. None the less there will come a day, could be today, could be next Tuesday or it could be 1000 years from now. When is not important, what's important is that we all do what we're called to do. Maybe it's to teach, maybe it's to be a good parent, a good neighbor or a trustworthy employee. Jesus told His disciples not to worry about the time, each day has enough worries for itself, just focus on what you need to do today.

Today's workout, Chest-shoulders
Step, push-up, box hop, triceps extension, climber, shoulder press.

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