Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 22, Luke 18:1-8 Can I pray enough to annoy God until He moves?

This story of the woman and the judge gives this impression. She was so persistent that she wore down the judge and he relented. But can we apply those same principles to God? I don't think so. On one hand God wants us to go to Him constantly, and on the other hand I don't think it possible for someone who is humble enough to go to God that they could annoy Him. One problem with this section is that people teach that if you pray constant long enough then God will move. Most of us know people who've been sick and healed and we also know others who were not healed. I believe I know a lot more of the latter. Did they not pray long enough or hard enough? What a hurtful thing to say to someone who's suffered a loss. No, God is sovereign and everything is done for His glory. That means that no-one has the answer to answered or unanswered prayers.  There is only one guaranteed prayer that will be answered, if we go to God and confess our sins and accept His salvation then we will be saved. Not necessarily healed or delivered from our troubles but we are saved and promised eternity. But we should, like this example, bring our grievances, troubles, and joys before our Father daily.

Today's workout cardio intervals
Step, burpee, windmill, jump rope, squat.

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