Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 27, Luke 19:28-48 Jesus presidential motorcade

The story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey is fairly common, even for the people that only attend church on Easter and Christmas they're familiar with it. Most gentiles don't totally grasp the significance though. Today riding into any town on a donkey might seem ridiculous but in that day it would be like riding in a limo. The disciples both preceding and following behind, the palms and garments laid on the ground, like a ticker tape parade. But there was a purpose and a message in what He did. It fulfilled a prophecy in Zechariah but it was also reminiscent of king Jehu when he rode in to Samaria intent to destroy the temple and worshipers of Baal (2 Kings 9-10). Consider what Jesus did after entering, he went to the temple and cast out the merchants. None of this was lost on the people of the time. Jesus proclaimed Himself to be king both by His entry and actions. For some it was a time of encouragement, the messiah has come, for the religious rulers it was a time of fear, their power was threatened.

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