Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, Luke 20:1-8 Who told you that you can to do this?

That's a common question asked when someone either in authority challenges someone, or when someone is threatened by another. Having a better understanding of yesterday gives us a better understanding of today. Jesus rode in on a donkey and although he never specifically said it, it was implied that He is messiah and king. This test by the religious authorities is trying to get Him to say it.  Remember that when they bring Jesus before Pilot the accusation is that He proclaims to be king of the Jews.  They're not interested in Him or His message, they've become comfortable with the current power hierarchy and have no need for God outside of the temple. Sounds like most of our population, comfortable as long as God stays in the church.

Today's workout, Chest-shoulder intervals, 
Step, push-up, box hop, triceps extension, climber, shoulder press.

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