Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 3, Luke 10:21-42 A bologna sandwich guest

The story of the good Samaritan is fairly common, the principles in it can be seen nearly daily. It seems to me that I have an opportunity every day to do something nice for someone, perhaps not to that level but some act to show love to my neighbor. As a footnote here about the Samaritans, they too were children of Israel and of course Abraham. The divisions and prejudices come from events back in the books of Kings. One of the main claims the the Jewish people had at that day were that they were children of Abraham, God's chosen people. Jesus chastised them by saying that God could raise up from the rocks children of Abraham. I don't know if the term rocks was literal for rocks or a slang for other peoples, either way that distinction of being Abraham's children is not enough for salvation. In this last section Mary and Martha are entertaining Jesus and His disciples, traditionally they would make sure there was food and entertainment for the guests. With a large crowd that could be a lot of work. I picture Martha as the type that wants to be sure the food is just right and the places are set perfectly. Jesus is the type guest that really doesn't care where the salad fork sits, he's quite content with a bologna sandwich. We can never get our lives in a state of perfection to present to God, just come humbly as you are, you'll be just fine.

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