Friday, December 30, 2016

December 30, Luke 20:27-47 Yes there are dumb questions

We've all heard that before, we're in some sort of class and the teacher says this socially correct phrase that there are no dumb questions. Will I have to disagree, there are dumb questions and sometimes really dumb questions. This section begins with the statement that the Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection.That's why they're sad you see. (OK bad joke but still I like it). The question they pose is so convoluted and ridiculous that it should be the definition of a dumb question. What hope would anyone have in this life alone?  That's probably why so many pagans have the attitude that the one with the most when he(she) dies wins. Paul said that if we have hope in this life only we are miserable. But God is God of the living, eternally living, that is our hope in Christ. God told Moses His name is I AM, Jesus likewise told the teachers in the temple; "Before Abraham was, I AM." Not I was, not I have been, there is no tense past or future with God. God is and His people are His. Not that they will be or that they have been but God's people ARE his. Think about this, if you belong to God you ARE His forever, cool!

Today's workout. Full body intervals
squat, row, hamstring curl, push-up, lunge, biceps curl, T, triceps extension.

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