Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 31, Luke 21:1-9 The love of wealth and stuff

The first section about offerings is fairly common, I've heard it a lot when preachers are trying to raise money but typically it has a guilt twist that we should give until it hurts. What we may not see or understand is the noise associated with the giving. Money up until at least the seventh century was coins, so a wealthy man could come in with a sack full and drop them in the box, making lots of noise. This widow may have been embarrassed and tried to very quietly put in her offering. I don't believe there is any specific compulsion to give any amount, in fact if this is really based on grace there is no requirement today for Christians to give at all. What we bring to God is an offering, not brought from a requirement or with expectation of a return but a gift freely given with no strings attached. Men of every age have been and are so proud of their achievements, especially big buildings. The temple of that day was certainly no exception, it was big by comparison to other buildings and ornately adorned. Made of expensive materials (although the original was even more so), and they were proud of the accomplishment. But today just like then everything comes down, I've blogged on this before, sooner or later everything ends up in the garbage dump. Put your trust in things that will not collapse or corrupt.

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