Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 6, Luke 12:1-3 Secrets

We're just looking at three verses today but something very significant. What constitutes a secret? As soon as a second person knows then it's not a secret. I served in military intelligence, yes I know people joke that's an oxy-moron, but learned first hand what secrets are, or at least should be. Sometimes when you want certain people to know something you make it to be a secret when it really isn't. There are two distinct aspects to secrets, those that we really want to tell someone and those that we never want anyone to know about. And yes we all have them, something you just thought about that makes you blush. But God knows all secrets and some day they'll all be revealed. Is that a bit scary? Sometimes a secret can be used to hold power over someone and counter to that secrets can have power over us. Funny thing though that when it's no longer a secret there is no power. So many people are prisoners for no real reason but to reveal that secret would be embarrassing. And many times it's already known anyway. Is there some secret in your life that has power over you?  God already knows about it, share it with someone you can trust and break that power, or better yet if it concerns a specific person, go to God then go to them.

Today's workout, cardio intervals
Step, squat, windmill, climber, jump rope.

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