Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8, Luke 12:4-34 What are you afraid of?

I'm lumping fear and anxiety together. I know some people that claim they have no fears, that they totally trust God for everything. I also know they're liars. We all have fears, one of the best descriptions of the fears of regular people comes from a fantasy novel I read. The character speaking is a blacksmith addressing a knight who for the first time has been truly afraid. Here's the quote; "I'm an ordinary man, ordinary men live in fear all the time. We're afraid of the weather, we're afraid of powerful men, we're afraid of things in the night, we're afraid of growing old and of dying. Sometimes even afraid of living. Ordinary men are pretty much afraid all the time."  That's so real, we are afraid all of the time and I think that's O.K. We could probably add to the list we're afraid of losing our job, of financial markets crashing, international terrorism, there's a lot to be afraid of. I teach the instructors at the ropes course that if they can stand in the window and not be afraid they need to come down. Fear can be healthy and fear can be bad, being afraid of heights, of storms, and powerful people isn't so bad unless you allow the fear to dictate your life. That's more of what I see here. If a hurricane comes I prepare for it from a certain amount of fear. The same is true in other aspects of life. I attach a tether when I'm working in the tower from a fear of falling. But to not do things, to be immobilized by fear, that's what I think the point is. Don't be so afraid that you do nothing and say nothing.

Today's workout, cardio intervals
High knees, squats, windmills, jump rope, climbers.

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