Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I'm sorry, I did something stupid.

As most of us do by now I am involved with different groups of people and post on different forums. Something happened in the past few days and I realized that, along with several others, I did something stupid. I tried to fix someone's problem.  You see there's a member of one group who's having some difficulty and shared that.  And several of us felt the need to try to help.  The poster never asked for help, just  the frustration and sadness. One person even went so far as to say this was God's will. That's one of the really dumb things that religious people do, assume to speak for God.  I think the actual text was that God has another plan. There are two things I want to do when that happens. First I want to know if they've been to Sinai and spoken directly to God, second I want to hit them in the mouth. Statements like that are far more hurtful than the actual problem. As a bible scholar and teacher I have learned two truths that while true, logically can't be but are. God is sovereign over everything. Man has the freedom to do stupid things. Along the same lines of stupid things religious people say is that everything happens for a reason, yes it does and more often than not the reason is that you're a twit. In this person's case it's a combination of things. It's stuff they've done in the past along with a world system that's controlled by selfish greedy people. (That's all of us, yes, were all greedy).  To you specifically who made the post I am so sorry.  You never asked me or anyone to fix the problem, the fact is that we can't and we've probably made things worse. What I should have said, and what any caring friend would say is this. I can't fix this for you and I wish I could. What I can do is sit and share a coke and maybe help you cry a little.  That offer stands, suffering through troubles sucks and suffering through them alone sucks worse.

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