Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, Ezra 4:7-24 Evil forces may seem to delay God's plan but will not stop it.

So these Samaritans send the letter and in fact history shows that the people of Judah and Jerusalem were in fact rebellious. he letter is also laces with lies, that too is a tactic of evil, even today so many laws are passed because of lies told which frighten people. Had the king searched a little more some other facts also would have come out but that will happen later. It's unclear just how long the rebuilding stopped, some believe as long as 7 years, we know at least 2 years. Here we find one of those situations which is so hard to reconcile, God is sovereign and has a plan, man is a free agent who can exercise his will. So although God moved the heart of Cyrus to rebuild, it's the hard hearts of men that slows down the work. 

Today's workout. Back intervals, Step, pull-up, burpee, row, windmill, T

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