Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 17, Ezra 5:1-5 Do what God says.

After the death of Artaxerxes (pronounce; are tax zerk sees), the people resumed the work.  What I specifically note is that two prophets told them to disobey the king's proclamation and go back to rebuilding.  One of the few places in scripture where the people actually heed the prophets of God.  Still the enemies return trying to stop the work, but the workers will not be swayed unless the new king sends a command to stop. Finishing the chapter, Tattenai the governor of a small province doesn't believe they ever had a letter from Cyrus, so he makes a different request to Darius. Notice the difference, the first accusation sent to Artaxerxes searched to see if the Jews were rebellious, the second is looking to see if they ever had permission to rebuild. In the first case we were also told that public officials had been bribed, that isn't indicated here. I think this man Tattenai is so certain that no king would ever allow Jerusalem to be rebuilt that the documents won't be found. 

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