Friday, January 20, 2017

January 20, Ezra 6:19-22 Perfect timing for a new beginning.

Most gentiles won't get the subtleties of the timing here. It says in verse 15 that the work was completed in the month of Adar. That's the last month on the Jewish calendar. Now in the first month, the month of Nissan they want to renew the festivals with Passover and unleavened bread. In order to do these the priests needed time to prepare themselves. God timed this perfectly for the temple and all of the building to be complete so that they could start a new year right. We've just started a new year, I see a few people who made a decision to exercise more, I see that every year at his time.  I know some who made a decision to read the whole bible in a year. That's a lot of reading. And there are countless other goals set at the beginning of each year. Keep things simple, we no longer need rituals of cleaning and purification to go to God. This year just spend a few moments alone with God every day. It doesn't matter when or where, it doesn't need to be formal, just tell God how you feel, that's the true essence of prayer.

Today's workout, full body intervals
squat, row, hamstring curl, push-up, lunge, biceps curl, T, triceps extension.

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