Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 21, Ezra 7 God moves the hearts of kings

Much of the Old Testament is historical writings and these books of Ezra and Nehemiah allow a parallel record in the scripture and secular histories. Looking at this chapter in a primarily historical aspect there are some things to note. First is Ezra's heritage. While it happens that scoundrels are born from great leaders, and the opposite is true, I think it more common for families to continue in a line, following after one's father.  Ezra has a very prominent heritage, the list is not inclusive of the whole line but some stand out in history. Specifically of note are Aaron, Uzzi, Azariah, and Zadok. I wonder if the Holy Spirit placed such a desire in Ezra to know The Law or if it was because of his fathers, perhaps a bit of both. This chapter shows how God wanted His people back in Jerusalem, and moved the heart of the most powerful king of the time to make it happen. I find this encouraging in that when it's the right time for Israel to be restored, no matter who is in charge of the world, God is in charge of everything and He can again move the hearts of the powerful to do His will.

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