Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, Ezra 9:1-5 Like a dog going back to it's vomit

That's pretty gross right?  But I think it's an accurate example of what's happening. Israel's history is pretty clear, through the books of Judges and Kings we see a cycle where they would follow God and prosper then rebel and suffer. Under kings David and Solomon they were the most prosperous nation in the known world. Then things collapsed, why?  Because they brought in the idols and false gods of the people in that region. So here we have Ezra, who for about ten years now has devoted himself to the work of rebuilding Israel and restoring true worship. He gets word that the people are doing exactly what they did to cause the first fall. I get the frustration, he's so angry that he actually pulls out his hair. I understand addictive personalities, in fact if we scrape the surface a little we'll all find some sort of addiction. What I will never understand though is that when someone realizes they have an addiction, and support is available, that they will not accept the support. No-one can overcome addictions alone, if we could do it by ourselves then we wouldn't be having any problems. If you have an addiction, regardless of what it is, find some people to help you deal with it.

Today's workout, Back intervals, 
Step, pull-up, burpee, row, windmill, T

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