Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 24, Ezra 9:6-15 Ezra prays with a broken heart

I can almost hear and feel the deep sorrow in this prayer. If God gave His people what they deserve then this world would be empty. The laws of God are plain, they're summed up in the first two, love God and love people, but we don't. We love ourselves, we love stuff and we worship people. Our focus is not on what God can do but on what some celebrity or politician promises to do. Ezra confesses the sins of Israel and includes himself, it's not a prayer about them, it's us. We do daiy the things that God told us not to do, it's a wonder that He keeps us around. When we know and see the evil that we do every day our hearts should break and we should cry out to God. 

Today's workout, cardio intervals.
Step, climber, windmill, squat, jump rope

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