Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, Ezra 10, Put away your sins though you may love them like a wife or children

In today's climate we have a hard time understanding what's happening in this chapter. Let's begin with the fact that God expressly forbid His people to marry the pagans. He also said in His law that if they did so they were no longer to be a part of the congregation. The only acceptable repentance was to put away the foreign wives and return to God.  Matthew Henry wrote a commentary with the comparison of loving our sins like a wife or children. This seems like such a harsh and cruel thing to do, to send away family. We must understand though several things, today we live under the grace offered by Christ and this law only pertained to Israel. Sin must be removed totally, like an alcoholic cannot drink even a small drink, the sins and the things that cause us to sin must be removed. God does not compromise, His law is very specific and the consequences are spelled out plainly. While such a thing would not be expected today, what Ezra did was exactly what The Law required. One ending thought here, while sin may be pleasurable at first, it will cause pain and grief.

Today's workout, Leg intervals
High knees, squat, climber, hamstring curl, jump rope, windmill, lunge

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