Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, Nehemiah 1, How often do we start and never finish.

A little background first, it's been about 90 years since Ezra first went to Jerusalem, so the Nehemiah mentioned in that book can't be the same person here.  In that time though they've rebuilt the temple and Ezra indeed established a place of studying the Law, they never finished rebuilding the city itself. So we have here Nehemiah's prayer, he confesses his own sin, along with the rest of Israel. And he remembers the promises that God made, both for being obedient or disobedient. His prayer too speaks of a broken heart but I've come to take a more critical look at prayers lately. Are these particular words necessary? Perhaps they are for Nehemiah, perhaps the words we choose, when we remember the promises of God are more for ourselves, to remind us what they are. I've come to believe that prayer is more a heart thing than a vocal thing, come to God with a broken heart for our sins and a joyful heat for His salvation. He already knows everything that I need, He simply wants me to rely wholly on Him. I must confess that sometimes I don't do that.

Today's workout, run 2 miles.

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