Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, Nehemiah 4:1-14 Don't lose focus

This really applies to anything that we attempt to do, keep focused on the main goal. A lot of times when I have a task to do that requires several steps I like to make a checklist. Several years ago I installed construction elevators and I'd take a sharpie and write out each step that I needed to do for that day. It's satisfying to see the list get knocked off, it kept me from skipping something and I got the job done in the right order. As the Jews are rebuilding they are faced with so many distractions but they did stay focused, each group on their own section of the wall. It seems that whenever I set out to do something different that I am met with distractions, success only comes when I can stay focused on the goal. Do you have any long or short term goals? Make a checklist of the steps to get there and stay focused.

Today's workout, Back-biceps
Step, pull up, climber-Russian twist, biceps curl, windmil, row

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