Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 5, Luke 22:35-53 I often wonder about things done in the dark

Jesus goes apart to pray and His disciples still don't quite understand what's about to happen. Why should they expect anything, they've been in the town for several days with just little trouble. I's hard to imagine what the difference would have been had the expected the soldiers and priests were coming, perhaps they would have prayed too or more likely would have stood as armed guards. But all of these things needed to happen, and they needed to happen in the specified time frame. The forces of evil were working in the darkness and needed to be done before it became light.  How many of us did malicious pranks when we were younger at night? Think about all of the things that are planned, so many evil deeds are done in darkness, makes me wonder sometimes about things that are supposed to be for good but they're still done in secret and covered in darkness. The religious leaders certainly didn't have good intentions towards Jesus and they knew what they did was wrong so the need for a midnight operation. I think that a good measure of when we start straying, if there is a need to hide something then maybe we shouldn't be doing it.

Today's workout, cardio intervals.
Step, climber, squat, windmill, lunge

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