Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8, Luke 23:17-56 A selfish rebellious nature

I think pretty much everyone is familiar with the story of Jesus crucifixion.  I want to focus on the crowd of people. Last week they welcomed Jesus and wanted Him to be their king, today they're angry and want Him dead. What happened? They didn't get their way. That seems like such a simple explanation but it's essentially the truth. There's a part of us that's been bent since the beginning of time, God calls us stiff-necked, it's selfishness and pride.  From that stems all sorts of misbehavior. I compare it to sports fans who riot and destroy when their team loses, cities burn when a jury verdict doesn't go the way people want, or even just this past fall the presidential election didn't go the way people wanted and there's been all sorts of strange behavior. All of these behaviors are based on that selfish nature, until that's addressed social problems will never be solved.

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