Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, Luke 24:1-12 The most significant event in history

Should you ask any group of people what the most significant event in history was you'd get a variety of answers. The worldly and scientific may consider some discovery or invention. Some may consider some social society and it's influence but in reality THE most significant event is the Resurrection of Christ. It wasn't the birth that was so important, granted that without the birth there couldn't be a death. But it's the example of death and Resurrection. Jesus proved that He alone holds the power of life. The world has tried to disprove this for 2000 years and can't. Religions around the world may make a promise of eternal life, or in some cases eternal peace but only Jesus proved that He could do it. If you trust in yourself then you have no power over death, if you trust in a prophet then he too has no power over death. Jesus is the God Man, He is, not was but is all God and all Man. I don't know how that can work but I can accept that He did exactly what He said and I trust in Him for my salvation.

Today's workout, Back intervals, 
Step, pull-up, burpee, row, windmill, T

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