Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10, Nehemiah 10, Promises, promises.

Have you ever made a promise which you know right from the start that you can't keep it? This year I'm going to exercise and loose weight. I hear that one a lot. We've all made promises, if we get wise when we're older we no longer do such foolishness. Israel has just come back to God with a renewed passion and they're making promises which have been made before and will not be kept. Why?  Because of the fallen nature of man we can not on our own stop doing dumb things. We've probably all either experienced or seen someone in a state of renewed passion for something make commitments, some of the best advice is to wait a month after some emotional high before jumping in. We humans are easily distracted by so many things. Let our prayers be, God I don't want to do such things, grant me your grace to resist and avoid temptations.

Today's workout, full body intervals.
Squat, row, push-up, lunge, biceps curl, hamstrings, T, triceps extension

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