Friday, February 17, 2017

February 17, 1 Peter 2:1 Act differently than the world

Just looking at verse 1 I could write a lot on this. These base emotions of slander, envy and deceit are core to every problem in the world. They are also the primary base for nearly every television program, especially the so-called reality shows. And what's even worse than the actors behaving in these ways are the masses of people who find it entertaining. How can you possibly love your neighbor and be deceitful? Christians here in the US are not the majority as so many believe, in fact world-wide Christians are a minority, but even so if just the Christians would stop these things the whole world would change.

Today's workout. full body intervals.
squat, row, hamstring curl, push-up, lunge, biceps curl, T, triceps extension.

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