Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 1 Peter 3:1-7 Behavior of husbands and wives

I'll not enter into any debate on the subject of submission, a marriage is a union of two people who become one flesh. If I would not do something to intentionally hurt my own hand, why would I do anything to hurt my wife?  Vicki and I have been married for 32 years, when we tell people that we still haven't had our first fight they don't believe us. I won't say that we've never disagreed on anything, just that we talk it out and haven't fought. On valentines day she brought me a bouquet of balloons and a giant cookie with candy bees on it to my work,(I'm an amateur beekeeper). A customer saw the balloons and asked if we were newlyweds, I said yes just 32 years now. Someone else asked what's the secret. We talk, and we treat each other equally with respect. When my kids were in school I told them several times that we all do embarrassing things but no matter what it is or how funny we may think it is, the foolish things we do will never leave the house. That same thing holds true with my wife.  We've both done some pretty dumb things but no-one except us know about it. I think that's how couples should treat each other. There is a section here concerning jewelry and make up, I will voice an opinion on this. I believe the letter is addressing the times and the jewelry and make up were associated more with pagans and prostitutes. I suppose to some extent that can still be the case, I believe that moderation is key. A litle make up and a few accents can make a difference. I think of three anecdotes to this, first there has never been a groom who didn't think he had a beautiful bride. Dr J, Vernon Mcgee once said that if the barn needs painting then paint it. And lastly I once read, although I searched for it today and could not verify if it's true. The actress Billie Burke was married to the producer Florenz Ziegfeld. Ziegfeld interviewed and cast some very beautiful women in his productions, it's said that Billie would wake before him and get all of her make up on so that no matter who he saw she would always be the most beautiful. True or not that's the proper sentiment, and it goes both ways, husbands or wives should have no temptation outside their home.

Today's workout, back-biceps intervals
step or jump rope, pull up, squat, biceps curl, windmill, row.

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