Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 26, II Peter 1:16-21 Jesus, a cleverly devised myth

The scholarly world will tell us that Jesus is a myth, in fact most scholars will tell us that God is a myth. Peter writes this letter because even at that time there were people claiming that Jesus was a myth. As time passes and man tries as hard as he might to deny God, it can become more difficult to find proof of anything. In Peter's case he was eyewitness, today historians agree that Jesus existed that He was baptized by John, that he called disciples and was crucified by Rome. That's the extent of what the world proves, but salvation isn't by proof, though I dare say that Christians can find it. Salvation is by faith. The humanist looks at the world and says that it just happened. That some primordial slime coalesced into life. But from where did the slime come? The scientist enjoys that gravity and physics are constant, that the universe exists in some sort of order yet can't accept that a being created that order. So which takes more faith, to believe that dust from all around the galaxy collected for billions of years and finally formed all of the elements that we know eventually creating life? Or that God, being sovereign and omnipotent created all things for His purpose? The first leaves man to believe that he controls his own destiny, the second requires a surrender of self. And this is where Christians can find the proof of Christ. The lives that are changed daily simply because they've surrendered to Him. 

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