Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, II Peter 2, The wicked will be bound in chains for eternity. Should I be glad?

When I read this chapter I know that we live in this exact time, the truth is blasphemed, falsehoods are the norm, the religion of the day is personal satisfaction and lusts. God has brought judgment in the past and Peter proclaims judgment is to come. But should that make us glad? That those who are evil, misleading the masses will face eternal torment? I must say for me I feel sorrow. No man is ignorant of God, the world itself proclaims His existence yet so many in their personal pride and passions will deny Him to the end. For me the thought of any man spending eternity without God is frightening. Which is why we need to stand firm on the truth, not condemning but tell people that what they're doing is wrong. I've recently thought back to a story I learned in grade school, The Emperor's New Clothes. No-one seems to want to tell people today that they're naked. Well I'll say it, if you can't figure out what sex you are, or if you think morality should be decided by the current trends then you're naked. I feel a certain sadness that a day will come, could be soon or late but it will come and God will judge. 

Today's workout, Full body intervals
step, pull up, climber, hug, right high step up, russian twist, left high step up, biceps curl, elbow to knee, row, windmill, push up, walking lunge, box hop or jump rope, triceps ext, hamstring curl

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