Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 28, II Peter 3, The Lord does not wish for any to perish

Peter writes this letter to a group of saints who have become discouraged because The Lord has not yet returned.  I can understand that, every generation expects to see His return, and people in every generation become discouraged. But I consider that God already knows when the end will come and when I think about it, it means that no more people will come to Him. So God waits for the very last person to come to Christ before He returns. While there are times when I want Jesus to return soon, I also feel sorrow for that day as it will mean all who are left will be eternally lost. So part of me says come quickly and another part says tarry a bit more.

Today's workout. Cardio intervals
Step, climber, box hop, windmill, squat, russian twist

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