Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5, Nehemiah 7:1-4 Lock your doors at night

Here's a very simple lesson, lock your doors until you can see who is trying to come in. It's really a basic idea and we can apply it to so many areas.  There are a lot of people currently angry with the president for restricting access to the country. While I may not agree with the methods I do understand the principle. In this story of Nehemiah the people inside Jerusalem were still looking out for enemies, here most people don't think about it, in fact most people just get irritated at any inconvenience. We lock our homes up at night not because we don't care about people outside but because we care deeply for those inside. The story says unlock the gates when the sun comes up, when you can see clearly then open the gates. If we believe the basic ideas taught through scripture, then we must believe that our enemy will at times appear to be our friend. Use discretion and be sure not to allow evil into your home.

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