Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1, Jude 1, The path from right to wrong

It's often said the path to destruction is paved with good intentions. I think it more paved with confusion and misdirection.
When we stop studying The Word and begin to believe our own wisdom, we will become confused and lose track. It's where we are today, a very confused world, we look at things and call them something that we know they are not. In today's reading Jude mentions Cain and Baalam's error, I want to look at Baalam for a moment. He's an obscure person who appears momentarily in Numbers. He was a prophet of God yet not an Israelite. He begins as a righteous man yet over the course of just a short time is corrupted by his lusts. It happens when he stops listening to God and rationalizes with himself. Eventually he instructs Israel's enemies on how to destroy them. Do it from within, with subtlety. Bring in your false gods, your idols, and your sensuality and this will destroy the people. My but that hasn't changed has it? We're destroying ourselves from within. 

Today's workout, full body intervals
step, pull up, climber, hug, right high step up, russian twist, left high step up, biceps curl, elbow to knee, row, windmill, push up, walking lunge, box hop or jump rope, triceps ext, hamstring curl

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