Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 11, Isaiah 6:8-13 If you really love God, you'll go do things for Him

Ever heard that or some sermon similar to it?  I wish I could say that I haven't but that's not true, I've heard something similar to that too many times from preachers and over pious laity. This scripture is used to manipulate people on a regular basis, we even sing a song, send me I'll go. When i hear the song, I want to ask everyone singing it, Really? Do you have any idea what you are promising to do? I think Isaiah knew, it was a life of constant sacrifice and difficulties. Most people I know have a hard time making it through a 1 hour Sunday sermon. In both the Old and New testaments we're cautioned against making vows and promises that we can't keep. Don't let someone manipulate you by guilt into making a promise that you can't keep. Salvation is by grace alone and not by any amount of works.  If God calls you for something specific, then you will know.

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