Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, Isaiah 7:10-25 The Lord God, my God, or your God

Isaiah has come to king Ahaz because Judah, and specifically Jerusalem is under siege by two superior armies, Syria and Israel. The army of Israel killed more than 140,000 men in Judah in one day so Ahaz has reason to be distressed. God has sent the prophet to bring a message of salvation. I take note of the conversation and the determiners for God. Ahaz was an idol worshiper, perhaps when Isaiah first tells him to ask of the lord YOUR god, he's actually mocking him. Ask the lifeless idol to answer. Ahaz being in the presence of the prophet and I believe the Holy Spirit was convicted and would't ask anything. His response is not My God, but the Lord. And Isaiah responds with My God. Maybe that's a subtly but I think it profound. He must be MY God, not YOUR God or simply God, salvation only comes when He is Mine and I am His. The prophecy we are mostly familiar with, it's not a prophecy of the immediate battle but of a future deliverer.

Today's workout, full body intervals.
step, pull up, windmill, hug, right high step up, Russian twist, left high step up, biceps curl, elbow to knee, row, climber, push up, walking lunge, box hop or jump rope, triceps ext, hamstring curl

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