Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, Isaiah 8:11-22 Revere God and follow His law

This basic principle seems so simple. Men create laws, so many of them are ridiculous, like walking an alligator on a leash is against the law. Sometimes we think we need new laws and sometimes we lobby against them. The reality is that every law that's needed already exists. The text says fear God, but it's not necessary to be afraid of God but to revere Him. Governments will pass dumb laws every day, don't be so concerned with what they pass just live the way God says to. We waste far too much time arguing about things that just don't really matter. 

Today's workout.  step, pull up, windmill, hug, right high step up, russian twist, left high step up, biceps curl, elbow to knee, row, windmill, push up, walking lunge, box hop or jump rope, triceps ext, hamstring curl

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