Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22, Isaiah 14, Israel is and will always be God's chosen people

This is obviously a prophecy that has not yet been fulfilled. Israel has never been a great power since David and Solomon. I don't think it speaks specifically about the kingdom of Christ on earth but a time before that. A time when Israel is again powerful and the world system, Babylon, is laid waste. There is a part of me that feels glad for the evil receiving their due and another part that feels sorrow for all of the people who rejected salvation. No matter what men may try to do, no matter how many peace talks or treaties they try to establish, it all depends on God. When He decides it is time for Israel to rise up, they will rise and be a great power.

Today's workout, full body intervals 4 cycles
high step R, push-up, high step L, windmill, pull up, lunge, Russian twist, biceps curl, triceps extension

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