Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 25, Isaiah 18, God's call is quiet but constant

If an alarm sounds we may pay attention, but of late I note that there are so many alarms that most are ignores. I hear car alarms in parking lots nearly every week. Was in a building a few months ago when the fire alarm went off, people stood around asking if it was a drill, no-one started to leave. We ignore alarms. If God blew trumpets, or sent a prophet to do so we'd ignore that too. But God is patient and more subtle. Like the heat in clear sunshine, or the dew before it forms. We can't see the heat but know it's there, and the dew we see after it forms. God is calling all people in all places to come to Him. This prophecy is about an unknown nation and an unknown time, it simply tells us that no matter how great any nation may be or become, there will be a time when all people will bring a tribute to God.

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