Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 29, Isaiah 22 Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die

This chapter is a prophecy and a history at the same time. The judgments have come on Jerusalem and the reasons are the attitudes. The attitude of the pagans, that there is nothing after this life so let's live it up today and not worry about tomorrow. Or even worse that I control everything about my destiny. It's amazing that in every generation one can find people with that same attitude. The people of Jerusalem enjoyed their wealth with parties on the house tops, they trusted in their military might and not in God. When faced with impending doom they finally take stock of their situation. What is in the armory? Where are the breaches in our walls? In times of personal troubles we may do similar, what are my resources? And look to God last instead of first.

Today's workout, full body intervals 4 cycles 
high step R, push-up, high step L, windmill, pull up, lunge, Russian twist, biceps curl, triceps extension 

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